"Over time, chronic excessive exposure to stress can lead to physical symptoms and exacerbate many illnesses. Just as stress affects our body, so too it affects the ways we feel, think, and act...By using stress reducing strategies, you can enjoy life's challenges without burning out." The Wellness Book, by Benson, Stuart and BHI Staff

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We know although stress is unavoidable in our lives today, there are a number of ways to manage it more effectively. At the Benson-Henry Institute, we teach people to become more fully aware of the mind/body connection and of their own ability to limit stress' impact and harness our innate healing power.

The relaxation response is the foundation of stress management at the BHI. We teach our patients a variety of relaxation-response based techniques so that they may choose which are more comfortable to them.

Here, in Managing Stress, we offer you practical, easy-to-follow ways you can build relaxation response practices into your life. By adding stress management to your daily routine, you will see a noticeable improvement in your mood, ability to sleep, and general well-being.

Although useful on its own, this information is most beneficial when practiced within the curriculum of our mind/body medical programs.