Male spa massage risk


Hi Dr,

I am a young slightly curious guy and feel very ashamed of going to a male beauty spa. Its not a bath house or escourt agency but a genuine health spa for men with specific upmarket products. Anyway I had a full body massage with NO happy ending however the male therapist did rub my legs hard which caused some irritation ( can feel it in the bath) although no obvious bleeding. There was also herbal oil between his hands and my body. It was obvious that special services probably happen here and I have been losing sleep thinking that what if the towels I was lying on were covered in another clients semen or the therapist ( who was very thin) HIV+, he also had an open scrape on his face although not bleeding. In short, what is the risk I face, I feel awful and for all the money in the world at what stage can I test for 100% peace of mind ? Should I take ARVs....only been two days.

Many thanks, I admire your work.



Hello James,

Your HIV-acquisition risk is a quantum leap beyond nonexistent. Most likely your "feeling awful" has to do with guilt over being "slightly curious" and visiting a "male beauty spa" for your massage. Why are you feeling ashamed? You did nothing wrong. James, there is no need for an HIV test, as you had absolutely no HIV risk! If my reassurance is not sufficient for you to shake your totally unwarranted worries about HIV exposure, you could get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. The test is not medically warranted and the result will undoubtedly be negative. However, if seeing a negative test result will help put your irrational fears permanently to rest, it may be worth the effort psychologically. James, I strongly suggest you seek counseling (psychotherapy) to help you confront your irrational HIV fears and to explore your guilt as well as sexual orientation issues.

Be well James.

Dr. Bob