Magnesium and my viral load?


Hi Mark,

First off, I want to say you guys are great! The experts have always answered my all questions. I also have met Nelson Vergel in Palm Spring Poz Life series..He was very helpful on getting my testosterone, when I could not. I notice Nelson's forum is not open at the moment so I'm asking you Mark?

Some history. In 2016 when I could not go undetectable (after 14 months.) I took the Geno-archive test and found I have a high drug resistance to every HIV drug at that time. I'm on Triumeq and for some reason my body finally excepted the drugs after 14 months? Had many side effects.

What I did not know is how magnesium would effect me? I started some protein shakes last year that had magnesium in them and I dropped out of undetectable. My doctor at the time said what are you doing differently? I told him the shakes. Stopped the shakes and I went back to an undetectable status.

Here is my question? Nelson did answer this back on 1-19-2012 stating that (Apple Cider) Vinegar seems to have no interactions with HIV meds? So, now were in 2018 have you Mark heard of any HIV drug interactions with taking vinegar? The "main" reason I ask Apple Cider Vinegar is loaded with magnesium. And with my drug resistance could this effect my viral load?

Many thanks...


Magnesium supplementation would not affect the viral load directly. However, magnesium taken with HIV integrase inhibitors like dolutegravir contained in Triumeq can affect their absorption, and therefore lower the effective blood levels of these drugs.