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Newly Diagnosed

Magical Thinking in HIV: Much More Than Denial

How Unrealistic Thoughts Keep People Away From Medical Care

Credit: Ljupco for iStock via Thinkstock
Ljupco for iStock via Thinkstock
    It happens more than you might think. When you're having trouble accepting the fact that you have HIV, your thoughts can take you all kinds of places.
    Without solid HIV outreach, post-test counseling and linkage to care, it's not hard to see why tens of thousnads of people get diagnosed and then vanish.

    Drew Gibson


    Drew Gibson is a social worker and freelance writer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. His blog, "Virally Suppressed," covers a multitude of issues related to public health and social justice.

    Test Positive Aware Network

    Test Positive Aware Network is a nonprofit HIV service organization in Chicago. Its mission is saving lives and empowering those affected by HIV/AIDS and related illnesses.