magic johnson style hiv


magic johnson is still undetectible if i am not mistaken. what is his regimen, and what else has he done for his health that you know of?


I don't know what medications Magic Johnson is taking, and even if I did, I would not be willing to discuss his personal medical details in a forum like this.

But the question is a good one, and an important one, if it is changed to "Why are some people with HIV on medications still undetectable, and what else are they doing for their health?"\

Some actions that you can take are clear. Always take all of your medications as prescribed, for example, so the drugs have the best chance possible to be effective. It is particularly important to do this right from the start of taking treatment with the very first regimen, since that is the best chance that you have to get the virus down below the level of detection.

You can also avoid situations where adherence to medication is likely to be interrupted. Drugs and alcohol make smart people do stupid they should only be used in moderation at the most, and for those people who have problems with addictive behaviors or binges, they should be avoided altogether.

Other steps include eating well with balanced meals; exercising regularly, i.e. 3x/week or more; and keeping all clinic appointments.

It is probably important to also say that a rising viral load or a falling T cell count does not necessarily mean that a patient personally has done anything wrong. Even in the best trials with the most dedicated and diligent patients, the regimens fail sometimes.