We made yet another Donation and Thank You for Everything you do for the World.


Dr. Bob,

Absolutely made another donation to your Wonderful Foundation. My wife and I just enjoy being able to help.

But yet, I have another problem:( .... I have a question. My wife thinks I might be getting a little COD. I told her you are the Doctor and expert here, and that this what your web-site is suppose to do. Help people, and that is why I am visiting today. I got a cut above my wrist today at our office. Like a paper cut but from a safety knife. About 30 minutes after work my wife and I decided to get some take out food to go. Once we went to the curb-side pick up a gentleman came out to give us the food. This server is a person that comes around our office every now and then and is a HIV+. This person picks up Health products from our business. He handed me the bag of food and I took it from him not thinking about the cut I got on my wrist just 30 minutes ago. I did not have anything covering my wrist. No bandage. No Band aids. NOTHING. It is open and exposed. Once we got home I looked at the bag and it was pretty messed up with stuff all over it. My question is just this. Knowing that I grabbed the bag out of the person we know who handed it to us, who is HIV+ and Anything came from his hands or body - His hands are pretty messed up as well. So if any of his cuts, nicks, scrapes act... was touching the bag.. messing it up while I grabbed that same bag out of his hand, and the bag I know did rest immediately on my wound. From him to me without any time in between of that bag touching my wound. Right from him resting onto my cut. Immediate transfer. What are the chances of me getting HIV from this?

Please Dr. Bob think of every scenario that could happen here, and feel free to give it to me straight? I can take it sir.

Again, We thank you for allowing us to donate to your Foundation, Michael


Hey Michael,

Your wife thinks you might be getting a little COD? COD is "cash on delivery." Perhaps she means OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in which case I would totally agree with her except I'd leave off the "a little!"

HIV risk from your latest scenario is once again nonexistent. Have you considered getting counseling for your irrational HIV fears? I think it might help.

Dr. Bob