Did I made a stupid mistake?


Hello doctor Bob (doctor Frascino.) Im gayman and had unprotected oral sex (receiving) with guy I do not know yes or no hiv-inf. I got precum in my mouth which I spit out. I also had light gingivitis small part of my gums, had brushed my teeth 2-4 hours before the sex, resulting at a few small leasons at place gums where not in healty shape. 20 minutes or longer after the oral sex, I contolled the leasons with a cottonstick (for cleaning ears, sorry Im not English speaking and it is not in my dictionary but hope it is clear to you.) Controlling by pussing the cottonstick to two of the minimum leasons. An extremely small amount blood I noticed, and how Im afraid I could have pushed by that action hiv-infected immunecells into my bloodstream, as they can be present in precum, especially if also other (std)infection is present in the urethra of the guy. I feel so afraid about this all, what do you think, a significant risk for hiv-infection? Please consider the guy I give blowjob as having hiv-infection, as it is in the gayscene of Amsterdam Holland, with large rate of hiv-infected gaypeople. Thank you for an answer.



I was in Amsterdam 2 months ago and found most folks in the active gay scene to be well versed on safe sex practices. Your risk is receptive unprotected oral sex involving only precum. This risk, in and of itself, is extremely low. Your "light gingivitis" and brushing your teeth several hours before sex, causing "a few small lesions" on your gums, might increase this very minimal risk slightly.

You don't have to worry about the cotton sticks for cleaning ears (we call them Q-tips, which may be why you couldn't find the word in your dictionary) pushing HIV-infected immune cells into your bloodstream 20 minutes later. It doesn't work that way. In fact, there are chemicals in saliva that kill HIV. Precum, even in really turned on guys, is usually a relatively small quantity of fluid and would be long gone before your Q-tip maneuvers.

Overall, your risk is low, but not completely non-existent. Go ahead and get tested at the 3-month period. The odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that you will be negative.

Just for the record, it's best not to give head when you have active gingivitis or cuts in the mouth. We also don't recommend brushing your teeth before receptive oral sex. Use a breath mint for fresh breath. Some strong peppermint ones (like Altoids) are sometimes used for a cooling sensation and extra thrill during oral sex.

Send my best regards to the guys in Amsterdam.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob