Made out with an HIV positive man


Hello, Around three days ago I made out (deep kissed) with an HIV positive man, I had a couple canker sore at the time, and now I have a sore throat and I feel Like I have a cold. I'm wondering what my chances are that I caught hiv


Kissing can be a wonderful and sensual way to connect with another person. And fortunately, it provides zero risk for transmitting HIV. Keep in mind, HIV can't be spread through casual contact such as touching, kissing, massaging, petting. It has not been found to be transmitted in saliva, urine, or tears. It must have a direct route of transmission from one person's body into the mucous membranes of another, hence why sexual transmission and IV drug transmission are the more common routes between adults.

If you are concerned you could be at risk for HIV through sex or drug use, you may wish to consider using pre-exposure prophylaxis ("PrEP"), a daily medication shown to prevent HIV. But either way, please consider using the resources at The Body to learn more about HIV transmission and prevention.

To learn more facts about HIV Transmission go to this fact sheet entitled "Basic Questions and Answers About HIV Transmission."

To learn more about PrEP go to's PrEP page.