i have made 150.00 donation please answer me.


i just want to know ,why i have candida(moth thrush) after 2 weeks of a potential exposures after i had insertive oral sex with a UNKNOWN hiv+ ,the act time it was 1-2 minutes no more and i am uncircumcised male.I did not observe any blood on my pencil after the act and i did not search her mouth for visible sore or cuts.I finish in her mouth and i am so scared. ONLY your answer make be secure and i want to also know if i should go to do the test. I am afraid of negative answer from the doctor. Now i did apply for a green card and they will call me for the interview and they will ask me to do the blood test(requirement) do you think they will stop me because i have hiv (in case i am the only one from you percentage 0,5-10000) take in consideration i have been sponsored and i work in a food store. PLEASE ANSWER ME....SORRY ABOUT MY SPELING. I HAVE MADE MY DONATION...150.00



Do I think you are HIV positive? No, I would very, very strongly doubt that if your only risk was 1-2 minutes of insertive oral sex. You can easily determine your HIV status by getting a rapid HIV test. Accurate results are available within 20 minutes.

As for your Candida, I would first question if the diagnosis is accurate. Consider getting a second opinion from an Infectious Diseases doctor. If he confirms it, he could then begin an evaluation to determine the underlying cause. There are many conditions other than HIV that can cause oral candidiasis. However, I should point out that most people who think they have thrush (oral candidiasis) actually don't have it.

Thanks for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation. It's warmly appreciated. In return, I'm sending you my best good-luck karma that your green card application sails through quickly and successfully, including the negative HIV-screening test.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob