Lymphoma and Autoimmune disease


I have had a high ANA for 4 years and systemic symptoms. I was told I have MCTD. I have had a terrible rash on the scalp, pubic area and in areas over the body for 7 months. Diagnosis was folliculitus. No medication has helped as yet. Last week I noticed an enlarged lymph node. My DR found many nodes on each side of my neck. Both he and the ENT DR suspect lymphoma and I will have a node biopsy in one week. Can you tell me if there is a connection to MCTD and lymphoma. My DR said he thinks this node condition is the basis for all of my symptoms. I wonder if it is both conditions or if one thing lead to another. Your answer will be greatly appreciated.


Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) and other related autoimmune disorders can be associated with the subsequent devlopment of lymphoma. I cannot explain the mechanism for whay these things are associated, but it probably has something to do with the abnormal behavior of the immune system.