lymphatic drainage therapy?


I am wondering if there is anecdotal experience, or actual research/studies that address manual lymph drainage therapy? I am interested in whether this would help or hinder HIV infection. Here in Florida, there are therapists trained in Dr. Vodder's style of lymph drainage, as well as those trained by Dr. Chikly with the upledger Institute. HIV is in lymph, lymph aids immunity and protection....what are the ramifications? For uninfected folks, the work is relaxing and restorative, and can be detoxifying. Any help is appreciated, thanks.



"Anecdotal experience" can be found almost anywhere on any subject and will document essentially anything. Believe it or not, you can even find "uncurious Georges" who anecdotally say the war in Iraq is a "catastrophic success"! Consequently, anecdotal experience is often little more than wishful thinking, science fiction or clever marketing.

Actual research on "manual lymph drainage therapy?" No, because from an immunologic and scientific perspective, the concept has absolutely no basis. I would advise all HIVers to steer clear of this approach. Those recommending this therapy may loudly shout anecdotal or quasi-scientific mumbo jumbo, but all you really should be hearing is Quack, Quack, Quack.

Stay informed. Stay well.

Dr. Bob