Lymphadenopathy as ARS symptom


Dear Dr. Robert,

you are such a blessing for people who know you!!! Thank you so much for your big heart.

I have a question: are the lymph nodes during ARS painful? How rapidly do they grow in size? Can they be just on one side of the neck (or groin) but not on the other? It sounds like a stupid question since this is a whole body quick immunologic response, and thus this (theoretically) should be generalised painful LN-pathy, but still...

Thank you so much in advance!!!



Hi James,

Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) associated with HIV are described as generalized (multiple locations) and usually non-painful. The discomfort factor depends on exactly where the lymph node is located, how large it gets, and what other structures it may be impinging upon. The size and rapidity of development vary considerably from person to person. HIV lymphadenopathy is bilateral (both sides) as would be expected.

You're welcome so much!

Dr. Bob