Lymph Nodes in the groin area


In November of 1998 I had oral sex with a homosexual male in which semen entered my mouth. Ive done alot of reading on the risks of this. I was tested at 14 days (Elisa blood test) at 45 days (Caltype hiv-1 urine test), and at 90 days with another ELISA Blood test) All were negative. I still have alot of anxiety over this as it was my first homosexual experience and then on top of it being faced with this. I havent been sick at all, but just recently i've had pain in the right side of my groin. I dont feel anything unusual like large lumps other than small pea like ones. I have been pushing on that area quite a bit. Could this have made them sore? Should I still be worried about Hiv? Any advise on this matter would be appreciated.


Given the your three serial tests, it is highly unlikely that you have HIV infection. The CDC would recommend one more test at 6 months after exposure. Isolated groin pain would not be a symptom of acute infection. Many possibilities exist including muscle strain, hernias or swollen glands from local infections. MH