lymph nodes big behind ear


hello, I am just wondering about something that i have just found about a month ago. There is a bump behind my ear and my doctor said they were just lymph nodes and not to worry. Is there a reason to worry? Please answer asap.


There are lots of reasons for swollen lymph nodes. Lots of people with HIV in the middle stages (CD4 200-600) have swollen lymph nodes all over their body, and this has been known for 20 years. Infections of the scalp or ears, mono, syphilis or even a recent viral infection can lead to enlarged lymph nodes. They need to be watched however. If they continue to grow, or are very large, or are associated with fever, they need to be checked for infection or even tumor. Make sure you have them looked at every 1-2 months if they are bigger than 1 cm (about 3/8 of an inch).

Good luck