Lymph node swelling with various symptoms


For 3 weeks now I have had very swollen lymph nodes in my neck and head, all blood tests reveal nothing, my doctor is concerned because he says it must be a virus but does not know which one. I am getting more severe migraines than before (had them for 8 years but these are much worse, demerol and morphine are ineffective for the pain) eyes are very sensitive to light (especially fluoresant), my muscles and joints ache severely, I am severely depressed, and am very tired. I was injured by a chiropractor in April and have been very run down ever since. I was looking on the net today for information about disorders with these symptoms, and the one that I've found that sounds very much like what I have is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Do you think that this sounds probable? and if so what should I do and what can I expect? I am literally at the point where I am emotionally cracking up, because I cannot take these headaches and I am going to lose my new job because I am unable to work and they can't afford to keep my position open. I was also wondering if I do have CFS, what could have caused it? could it have been caused by the variety of medications I was on due to the injury (methadone for pain, elavil)? or even just from the stress of the whole situation? Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I realize that you must be an incredibly busy person and I thank you in advance for the time you have taken to ponder my problem.

Sincerely Andrew


Hi Andrew It sounds like you've been having a rough time with these disabling symptoms. I'm no expert on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but many of the symptoms you are describing might be suggestive of CFS. You didn't mention if you had HIV disease. Painful swollen gland are usually an indication of infection. If your physican feels that you have a virus, blood tests can be performed to see if you have high antibody levels to certain viruses such as Epstein-Barr, CMV, etc. Unfortunately, treatment can be a challenge. I hope you are having the depression treated. You have a lot of unpleasant symptoms and I hope you can find some help. Good luck