Lymph Glands in Neck and head


I was diagnosed as HIV+ approx 12 months ago to the day. I had a pretty nasty seroconversion that wiped me out for days. During that time my lymph nodes became very swollen, particularly on the back of my head and on my neck. The ones of the back of my head were incredibly painful but the pain eventually subsided after a week or so. However, a year down the line my lymph nodes are still swollen, although they don't really give me any discomfort. My last set of results put me at 156000VL and CD4 280. I'm not yet on meds but I'm pretty sure they aren't far off. Should I be concerned with my slightly swollen lymph nodes or is it usual for someone with a viral load still as high as mine?

Thank you


Swollen lymph nodes are common during HIV infection. These nodes are where the body is fighting the virus. So, that the nodes are enlarged is a good sign that the body is launching an aggressive response. Once you start meds, which I think you should, your lymph nodes may shrink as there is less virus for your body to try and contain.

If they remain swollen, it will be important for your doc to assess them to make sure there is not something else going on.