I had a risky incident on September 2, 2010, I am a female who had unprotected sex with a local police officer. (unknown status) I took a test for hiv at the 8 week mark.. Negative.. I am going in for my 3 month in a week just to make sure.. Now here is my question.. I tested positive for Lymes disease last March 2010 after going undiagnosed for 6 months. I was treated with doxycycline for 3 weeks, the symtoms never completley went away... The symptoms returned in October 2010. I tested positive via elisa and western blot for Lymes.. I was told I was possibly undertreated. So now I am on 2 months of doxycycline. I wanted to know if HIV is what is making my tests come back positive, since this test was done two weeks after my negative 8 week test? Would lymes symptoms coming back be an indicator of HIV infection? Please cure the worried well :-( I have donated before to your foundation and will do this again.. Thanks in advance! And Happy New Year!



A negative HIV test at eight weeks is encouraging, but not yet definitive. For that you'll have to wait for your three-month test next week. Assuming that test will also be negative, you'll then be able to rest assured that HIV is not responsible for your symptoms or abnormal test results, because you'll be conclusively HIV negative.

I do not believe HIV has anything to do with your positive Lyme's disease tests or symptoms. Remember, your symptoms subsided on doxycycline. HIV symptoms are not responsive to bacterial antibiotics, such as doxycycline.

As far as HIV is concerned, I'm very confident you are indeed a worried well; i.e., you are well (not HIV infected), but still worried nonetheless.

Once you get your definitively negative HIV test result next week, I suggest you stop worrying and start WOO-HOO-ing, OK? I'll post below some information about Lyme disease from the archives.

Good luck. Happy New Years!

Dr. Bob

lymes Apr 5, 2008

Hi Dr. Bob- Thank you in advance for all of your information and for being so funny at the same time. I was recently diagnosed with lymes due to an IGM infection, negative IGG. I read that false positives for lymes can occur due to autoimmune disorders such as hiv. Because i never had classic symptoms of lymes (tick bite/rash)and I've had fatigue for a long time, I went to an HIV testing center/clinic and they gave me the oraquick oral fluid test. It came back negative and I'm well pass the window perid (5 years). Do you feel I should also have the blood test? Have you ever heard of cross-reaction of lymes testing and hiv? I think I'm being irrational here..but just checking. Sincerely, Perplexed.

	Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Perplexed,

HIV is not an autoimmune disease. It's an infectious disease involving the immune system.

Your negative HIV test five years after your last potential exposure is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. Your IgM-positive/IgG-negative Lyme's disease antibody test suggests recent infection and would not affect your negative HIV test result.

Dr. Bob

Too many symptoms ... I'm coming to see you Jun 2, 2006

Hey Dr. Bob.

i've written before but haven't gotten a response. My symptoms are persisting so I decided I need to come to The Frascino Medical Group to find out what's really gong on with me.

I remember seeing something in the old posts about someone coming to see you and they wound up having lemon's syndrome and someone else had something wrong with their feet that was causing all their problems. i wanted to discuss these cases with my doctor but i can't find them in the old questions posted --- there are so so many!!! --- would there be any chance you could re-post them for me and also post the number to call for an appointment at your office?



	Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Zinger,

I think I may understand why you had difficulty finding those posts in the archives! I'm willing to bet the "lemon's syndrome" was really Lyme's disease, and the feet problem was toenail fungus. I'll repost those below. If that's not what you were searching for, write back, OK?

The number for an appointment at the Frascino Medical Group, Inc. is 650-917-1357.

Be well.

Dr. Bob

So many symptoms. I'm cured at last!!!!!! Mar 25, 2006

Hey Doctor Bob,

Words are inadequate to express my thanks. Following my visit to The Frascino Medical Group I am finally on my way to being truly healthy for the first time in years. After so many doctors, so many symptoms, so many tests, so many sleepless nights, I finally made an appointment at your office and saw Dr. Steve. What a cutie-patootie he is and such a sweetheart too! And that picture of shirtless Dr. Bob he has on his desk OMG I had trouble staying focused.

Dr. Steve actually listened to me as I rattled on and on about my symptoms and how I was absolutely convinced I was HIV positive. He didnt rush me in and out like so many other offices. I was there for 2.5 hours! He reviewed all my old records and even called one of my old doctors to get the results of a blood test that wasnt in my file. He examined me in more detail than anyone ever has before and Ive seen lots and lots of doctors over the years! He even held my hand for the full 20 minutes while he did the HIV rapid test in the office. When he said negative I cried and hugged him so hard Im surprised I didnt break his ribs! And what about all my symptoms? Well, just as he predicted, I have Lymes disease!!!! Ha!

I just wanted everyone to know there really is hope out there. Please listen to what Dr. Bob says. See an HIV specialist who knows what they are doing. I have a new lease on life thanks to my visit to Los Altos California. Dr. Bob, I saw you on the phone in your Foundations office while I was seeing Dr. Steve. You looked up, saw me, and smiled that famous Dr. Bob smile and waved even though we have never met. I almost melted and from that instant on I knew everything was going to be OK. Well, things are much more than OK they are absofrickinlutely wonderful!!!! Dr. Bob as I told Dr. Steve, Ill be making a donation to your foundation and will try to get my company to donate something wonderful for your next silent auction. Im also sending you a personal little thank-you gift that I think youll get a kick out of.

Thanks again Dr. Bob and Dr. Steve --- more than youll ever know


Mr. Cured-at-Last

Response from Dr. Frascino:

Hello Mr. Cured-at-Last,

Gosh, I was wondering why Dr. Steve came home all bruised that evening. You squished him with happiness?!?!

Congratulations and WOO-HOO! I've never seen anyone so happy to have Lyme's disease before! I'm delighted to hear you are "on the mend," as they say in Australia. Thank you for:

  1. Your very kind comments.

  2. Your donation, thank-you gift and possible silent auction item.

  3. Not breaking my honey's ribs.

Stay well. (I'm sure you will.)

Dr. Bob

Lyme, Orange, Banana?? Mar 6, 2004

Dear Dr. Bob,

Huge fan of a great person that is more caring than anyone I know. Yep, that is you! Just one question!! Can Lyme Disease effect the seroconversion window with HIV? I had a negative ELISA test at 13 weeks...and am still worrying because of my possible exposure to Lyme Disease!!! Just need your info and love! Thanks in advance Dr. Bob!!!!



Response from Dr. Frascino:

Hi Tony,

Lyme Disease will not affect HIV test results, and neither will orange or banana. Limes may be key (as in Key Lime Pie), but let's face it: you just can't beat the shape of a firm banana.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob

So Many Doctors, So Many Tests, and Finally You Figured it Out!!!! May 26, 2006

Hey Dr. Bob and Dr. Steve,

I just returned from dropping off a thank-you gift at your office. Certainly words and gifts will never be enough to truly express my gratitude!

I was a wreck when I came to see you 6 months ago. And when Dr. Steve confirmed that my lymph nodes in my groin were indeed abnormally swollen I nearly had a heart attack right in your office. Do you remember how much I cried? Ill bet youll never forget that! My tests had been negative but persistent swollen lymph glands that showed up after my unprotected sex with that skanky hooker overseas had me absolutely convinced it was HIV! So many doctors gave me so many tests and so many different diagnoses and some even said maybe it would turn out to be HIV. Gosh no wonder I was nuttier than a fluffernutter!

I finally decided I needed to see you, if for nothing else other than moral support on how to survive living with AIDS. My trip to Los Altos was the smartest thing Ive ever done in my entire life. Dr. Steve spent 3 hours reviewing my extensive medical records, each and every one of my test results, and did the most thorough medical examination of my life! He even hugged me while I cried and cried and cried!

You guys were the only ones who even mentioned the possibility that my toe nail fungus could be the cause of my swollen lymph glands in my groin! I must admit I was a bit skeptical myself. However now 6 months later (it took 2 three month courses to finally clear up) my nails are normal and my swollen glands have disappeared for the first time in 5 years!!!! Im cured!!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!

Miracles do happen and those miracles are named Dr. Bob and Dr. Steve.

I hope you like the thank-you gift. Ill also be contributing to your Foundation and I promise to get my company to donate an item for your next live auction!

Please know you both are dearly loved.


Cured at Last

Response from Dr. Frascino:

Hello Cured at Last,

Excellent news! We couldn't be happier for you. Gosh, have six months passed already? We are still trying to dry the carpets out form your flood of crocodile tears! It looked like post-Katrina New Orleans in here after you left that day.

Thank you for your kind comments and generous gifts! The Frascino Medical Group, Inc. is always here to help! (650-917-1357).

Please stay well. (I don't think our levees could withstand another onslaught like last time!)

Dr. Bob and Dr. Steve

Lyme Disease vs HIV testing Dec 8, 2005

Hi Can you please explain the similarities and differences between lyme disease testing and hiv testing? Is it possible for someone who has been tested positive for the ELISA and western blot tests may not neccessarily be infected with HIV? The reason I'm asking because my girlfriend tested positive for HIV twice within the last six months but i've been tested twice over a year and i'm negative. My most recent test was done in November. We had unprotected sex over the past 2 years. I truly believe she was faithful to me and hence find it very hard to accept the test results. I also read that the ELISA and WB tests do not detect the HIV virus strain itself but the antibodies present when the virus exists. I read also that there are over 70 different conditions where these antibodies can be present and are not caused by the HIV strains. What are the conditions for ELISA and WB false positives and what further tests can be done to get a conclusive result for HIV.

	Response from Dr. Wohl

The combination of ELISA and Western blot are very good at detecting HIV. The ELISA is less specific but is sensitive - menaing it has permits false positives so as not to miss people with antibodies to HIV. The Western blot is more specific so that a positive result almost always means that HIV antibodies were detected.

No test is perfect but this is close. However, in conditions where there are lots of antibodies are produced such as pregnancy or autoimmune diseases, these antibodies can trip up the ELISA and even the Western blot and lead to false positive tests. That is still pretty unusual.

The HIV viral load can detect the actual virus rather than the antibodies it provokes. IF your girlfriend has detectable HIV by the HIV RNA PCR (viral load) test, there is no doubt that she is HIV infected.

That you are not HIV+ does not mean she is not. Such discordance betwen couples is well described. Most evidence suggests that over time there is a steady rate of conversion from HIV negative to positive among the initally uninfected partner.

Not all infections can be diagnosed equally well with antibody tests. Different infections produce different types and levels of antibodies that may not all be as readily detected by ELISA or Western blot tests.