lying about HIV status


Hi, What can be done from a legal point of view if someone is lying about their HIV status and then you get infected by having sex with that person. I have the emails of that persons saying he's HIV- but that was a lie and unfortunatly destroied my life. State is California. Thanks,


I am not a lawyer. THis is not legal advice, okay?

If you're determined to do so, you can pursue a legal case against this person for "infecting you." In all states now, infecting someone else with HIV has been criminalized. But be prepared to prove that the person knew he was positive. Can you do that?

Here's another perspective: you're angry. Of course. Your life is not destroyed unless you allow it to be. And you probably are angry with yourself. Protecting yourself in sexual relationships is your responsibility more than it is the other person's. Could he have been in the window period?

You could turn that anger and energy into activism, which would be the most healing of all: help others understand their rights and responsibilities in sexual relationships. You could turn a bad experience into a way to help countless others. Please think about it before you write it off. It is a path to healing.