low white count and enlarged papillae for years!!!!!!! please i need help!!!!


hi doctor frascino i hope you're fine and with good spirits... my question is regards the symptoms that i have for 3 years!!!!! enlarged papillae for 3 years straight after stabbed with a needle in April 04 low white count at 3.9 white count and a negative elisa and western blot less rna pcr less than 50 and 1.70 log so why do i still feel quite ill fever night sweats and all every so often after 3 years??? Help me please....

Best regards....



Hi Paul,

If your negative HIV tests (ELISA and RNA PCR) were taken outside of the window period, you are definitely HIV negative. A negative HIV test trumps "symptoms" each and every time!

Regarding your "enlarged papillae," most folks wouldn't know a normal papilla from an enlarged one. (They are supposed to be quite prominent!) I would guess yours are normal. However, if you are concerned, have your doctor take a look. Your white count is not at all alarming. Theses counts go up and down due to a wide variety of factors (common cold, etc.). If you continue to feel "quite ill" and have fever and night sweats, you should see your doctor for an evaluation. I can't diagnose the cause of your symptoms over the Internet. What I can do is with great certainty tell you what's not causing them: it's not HIV! No way. No how.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob