HI. I'm on Tenefovir, Nevirapene, and Lamivudine for 8 years. My last CD4 taken in July was 611. 2 wks ago I had parotitis (mumps) but right after it was gone, I experience very low grade fever but my temperature remains normal. I took CBC test just to check if my platelet count is ok but was surprise to find that my white blood cells are low. First time after 8 years in ART. Mild skin rashes came 3 days ago but managed it with antihastimine and it's fine now. I feel fine except that low white blood cells worry me. Could it be because of the mumps I had a week ago? Will the white blood cells count revert to normal even if I don't take any treatment? Will this affect my CD4 levels? Thank you in advance. From Dave


Very unlikely that the low white blood cell count would be related to you stable current HIV regimen. More likely that a viral infection(such as mumps) may have thrown off your white blood cell count. The white blood cell count is quite variable-if it goes low the total lymphocyte count may be lower as well (form of white blood cell) thus also lowering your CD4 count. I would expect your white blood cell coount will rebound to more typical levels over the next month or so-would have your HIV doctor monitor. KH