low platlets and high blood pressure


hiv hepc herpes copd for approx 25 yrs platlet count usual 83 or so just recently dropped to 53 on no meds pressure up to 140/92 t cell 411 load 300k what is happening


I can't explain "what is happening" with laboratories alone. You will need to speak with your physician. However, in light of your HCV infection, low platelets and detectable HIV viremia and CD4 T cell counts less than 500 cells, I would recommend that you start HIV medications.

If you are in the US, two sets of guidelines for the US suggest antiretroviral therapy for HIV infected patients with CD4 cell counts less than 500. You also have underlying HCV infection, which may account for the low platelets if you have advanced liver disease. On the other hand, your platelet count may improve if HIV is suppressed since HIV can also attack platelets.