Low C3 Complement, Ig G on lower limit


My HIV antibodies P24 test comes back negative after 15 months of risk (oral sex with no condom), but, I had ARS symptoms ( 2 weeks after) , clamidia (it was cured) and I have erythematous oral candidiasis almost all week until today. The candida doesnt cures even after treatment with nystatin and fluconazole (it looks like http://o.quizlet.com/i/TUi3YzNc9qrn-ylqn4vniQ_m.jpg). My last test was complement and immunoglobin (C3, IgG, IgA, IgM, CH50 and CD4), abnormalities came in the C3 complement: 72 mg/dL (normal is in 84-160), and Immunoglobin Ig G : 699mg/dL (normal is : 700,0 a 1600,0 mg/dL), the other were normals. My question is if my antibodies test can be affected by the defficiency of C3 and igG below of lower limit?


Your immune system function should not influence the detection of actual virus or parts of actual virus. Antibody deficiencies could theoretically lead to low levels of HIV antibody but that is not you. 699 instead of 700? That is not immune deficiency, my friend.

You are not, nor have you ever been, HIV infected.