Low body temp = infection?


Hi... 14 month successful treatment with Sustiva/Truvada, CD4 290 to 730, 24% to 27% and viral load 330,000 to undetectable. No OI's. From time to time, maybe 4-5 times a year, I feel a profound sense of malaise & general feeling of unwell that lasts for about 7-9 days, and is sometimes preceeded by a 8-12 hour headache. No particular source of infection (chest, nose, throat, etc.) It feels like a low-grade fever, however, when I feel this way & take my temperature, it is generally a full degree LOWER than normal. (all my life, I have been 98.6) Can you think of any cause for this? My Dr., who is a specialist in HIV in NYC can think of none; my basic labs seem normal. I'm thankful to have my health & great response and ackowledge this complaint seems trivial compared to what you must hear of & see, but it concerns me that something might be going on...


A lower body temperature is sometimes associated with thyroid disease and other endoccrine problems. With low thyroid function, one can see general malaise and aches, so this is certainly worth discussing with your doctor.

Although it is true that infections may sometimes be associated with a lower body temperature, this is usually very low and fevers and chills occur in the same setting. I would therefore doubt whether an infection is the problem here, especially since you have not ever had an identified site for this infection over a long period of time.