in love and need expert advice on what to do


i am a 27year old male medical doctor currently in a relationship with an HIV positive nurse from our hospital. Wehave been in this relationship for way more than a year and are really in love. We have had amasing protected sex for that period and are both comfortable with it. I do want to marry her but the problem is how do i get to convince my parents and relatives that she is the one for me. Also how are we supposed to keep our sex life interesting in the face of her condition. i come from a community where hiv is equivalent to a death sentence and so most people do not expect to see you alive 10 years after diagnosis. She is currently on HAART for the past 5 years and is growing even stronger. Please do help.



How do you convince your parents and relatives??? Hmm. A better question might be: why do you need to convince them? Exactly who is marrying Nurse Good Body, you or they? If she is your Mrs. Happily-Ever-After, that's all the information your parents and relatives really need, right? You're a physician, frevinsakes! You certainly understand the medical risks involved in a magnet relationship, even if your relatives and community do not. You and your fiancée should read through the chapter in the archives devoted to magnetic couples. It will provide you with plenty of ammunition (information) just in case you need to discuss the topic with your relatives. Also, see link below for some very recent and very encouraging HIV prevention news.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob