love bites.......can i get HIV?


Sir I and my girlfriend have sex regularly(no penetration).She has little sadistic tendencies and likes to give "love bites".At times she digs her teeth so hard in my flesh that she manages to draw out blood.I would like to know weather i can get HIV if she is infected ...and i let her bite and chew on my flesh...(literally!) please reply, thanking you in anticipation


HIV transmission through biting (as you probably can understand) is not something that is regularly pursued by researchers. However, based on our current knowledge of HIV transmission, we can talk about your question from a theoretical and practical standpoint.

The person who is doing the biting is clearly at more risk for infection than the person being bitten. The person doing the biting may come into contact with infected blood, which is highly infectious, as a result of the activity. The person who is being bitten is likely to come into contact with saliva, which is not known to transmit HIV. So the risk of transmission through being bitten is theoretical only, and highly unlikely.

There is at lest one documented case of HIV transmission occuring through an uninfected person being bitten by an HIV infected person. It was clear that the person doing the biting had their own blood in their mouth. Blood is known to transmit HIV; saliva is not. This case could actually be considered blood-to-blood transmission and not transmission through the biting alone.

Being bitten, pinched, spanked, and other activities that might be considered more "rough" can be a turn-on for a lot of people. It is important to remain aware of what does and does not feel good to you, and draw appropriate boundaries. If the vampirish nibbles of your partner turn you on and there is little risk for transmission of HIV (and other bloodbourne illnesses), than bite away. If it makes you uneasy, you might want to ask her to ease up.