Lorazepam vs Xanax on Atripla to aid in anxiety and sleep?


Thank you for the prompt reply on the questions as this site is most helpful and encouraging. Another question, while completing my first week of Atripla, I have been taking it at 10/10:15pm before bed on an empty stomach. One doctor gave me .5mg of lorazepam to combat my anxiety and the other .25mg of generic Xanax to help me sleep. I usually wake up however at 2am and around 4:30am. Is it the medicine or anxiety? Are there an negative side effects on either or both medicines while on Atripla effecting VL? Which do you recommend and will the sleeping get better as the weeks on Atripla proceed. Thank you again for taking the time to help answer these questions!!


Xanax and lorazepam are similar types of drugs so would not use together. Responses to them vary from individual for use as sleep/anxiety agents so no general rule can be applied to determine the best fit in many cases. The sleep problems from the Atripla are mostly due to the efavirenz and generally peak in the first weeks and then decrease so that by week 4 perhaps only 10% of so patients have continued annoying problems. Ideally, Yyur doctors should coordinate their prescribing in order to avoid over medication and /or duplication with your HIV /primary doc acting as arbitrator with your input. KH