I was diagnosed in 1987. Survived the ATZ and other medicines, seemingly able to stay one step ahead for years. In 2008 suffered a loss in job, loss in insurance for an extended amount of time. I rationalized that perhaps I had a strain that was non-progressive-right?? I gained employment again, but didn't re-start a drug regimen. I fell ill in 2012 with toxoplasmosis and they saw that my cd4 count was 7! I luckily had long term disability coverage from my employer and have had a difficult time regaining my previous life. I am now 60, my viral load is undetectable, but my CD4 count, although improved, remains about 300. My biggest challenge is severe fatigue, arthritis and a poor sense of balance which has resulted in some severe falls. How do you think this will affect my longevity? Trying to be realistic about plans and financing balance of my life. Thanks!


That is a fabulous response to HIV treatment, given you started treatment when your CD4 count was 7. The symptoms you describe are non-specific and may or may not be related to HIV infection. It is difficult to assess how these symptoms might affect longevity since we don't have a current cause or treatment plan associated with them.