How long yet?


Hello and thank you for the support :) I am from Greece (29y.o.). I was diagnosed HIV+ in April 2005.I had pneumonia and my counts at that point were CD4:303 V.L.:300.000 .2 years later and with some small ups and downs my counts are rather stable with my last count being CD4:914 V.L:Undetectable, 29%.I am on Stocrin (efavirenz) and Combivir since September 2005.I havent been ill since the first time i was diagnosed,i am trying to take care of myself as good as i can.I am waiting for my last labs (which i did 10 days ago). I worry about my life and the life expectancy.I know there is not a surefire way to say for how long i will live (if things in HIV remains the same as now)but would like to know more or less. Additionally ,my meds till now are working pretty good as i can see from my counts,is there a definite time-limit on when i should change them?

Thank you very much in advance.


No need to change your meds any time soon, as long as you keep taking them as prescribed. It is unknown how long people can live with HIV infection, but in someone young like you and without other active medical problems, you may be destined to have a near normal life span.