How long will my daughter hurt and feel sick?


She was diganosed in March 2009. We went to am Infectious Desease Doctor and told her to take tylenol. It starts to get better then wham. She starts with a fever, swelling of her hands and legs, joint pain, sweaing and nuaseated. What can we do to help her. We are just going to doctor afterdoctor and they say they have never seen a cronic case before so they don't know how to help. We are waiting for the ID clinic at MCV to get her an appointment. But while everyone waits for the paper work she is in bed. It hurts to see her like this and no one is helping or giving answers. Is there someplace in Virginia or nearby that I can take her where they know how to treat this?



The information provided in your post is limited and consequently it's difficult for me to provide specific advice. You mention your daughter was "diagnosed" in March 2009. Diagnosed with what, HIV? Is your daughter a young child? Grown woman? If she's a child and has HIV disease, she needs to be seen by a pediatric HIV specialist. The infectious-disease physician should be able to facilitate the referral for you. Alternatively you could check the American Academy of HIV Medicine's Web site, They have a "find a provider" function to help you locate certified specialists in your area.

I don't know what you mean by a "chronic case." Chronic case of what? I do hope you locate an appropriate physician specialist to help your daughter very soon.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob