How long till infections begin?


Hi. Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I am a heterosexual 22 year old male that has been with three women, all long term girlfriends at the time we had sex. I was tested for HIV twice, the last being in Dec. 97. That result was negative and I wasn't surprised because my girlfriend was a virgin at the time, and we had been having unprotected sex for over six months. I have not been tested for HIV since because of my fear of getting a positive test. I have since found a new girlfriend who was also a virgin. I am not worried about her at all. It has been about two years since I would have last been exposed to the virus. This past summer I began noticing some spots on my tongue that are outlined in white, but do not have the classic texture that describes thrush. The ouline does rub off witAlso, I was taking an antibiotic at the time to prevent an infection from a leg injury. Does this sound like thrush?

My second question is that over the last two weeks I think I have developed gingivitis. My back molars are very sore and they bleed very easily when brushing. It is also spreading forward to my other teeth. There is a line above the teeth that is painful and bleeds too. Again, what do you think?

I have not had any other problems. I am not fatigued and do not get colds or the flu at all. If you could, just send me an e-mail telling me what you think. Thank you.


The only certain way to know whether you are HIV+ or not is to get tested--there's no substitute. You may have had thrush in conjunction with antibiotic use-- if you still have these spots you should see a knowledgeable dentist. And if you're worried-- regardless of the sexula history of your partners-- get tested.