Long term servivor


I sero-converted in 1985. I am going to be 80. I am still here and life is great. I truly expect life to show up as I believe it will. Those who died before me expected to. I did not. I am still here at 80, and love every minute of life. Those who died before me expected to die and so they did. I did not, I will die of old age, and each minute before that is a gift, and I will never forget that.....I will use every minute up with gratitude......no matter what it looks like.


Thank you so much for sharing your great outlook in life. Obviously, it has worked for you. I think we should all be grateful of living this long due to all the medical advances in HIV and our resilience.

I think most of us long term survivors try to stay present in every single moment and to be grateful. Some of us may be luckier than others by not having pain, fatigue or illness in our lives that makes it difficult to be 100% grateful all the time, however.

Thank you for sharing your uplifting comment about aging with HIV. We need to hear more from people like you.