Long Term Disability yearly review


I have been receiving a monthly payment from Met Life for the past three years. Every year I am subjected to a review that my doctor has to fill out and send to them. I think it is unnecessary for me to have to do this every year since I have AIDS and the condition will not improve unless there is a cure for HIV. Even Social Security disability doesn't require a yearly review, and I receive three times the amount of money from them as from Met Life. Do you think I could have a lawyer send met Life a letter to stop harrassing me? They cut off payment once so far because the form wasn't sent in when they they thought it should have been. Are insurance companies receptive to waiving the review?


Most insurance companies are not receptive to waiving the review. This is especially true with AIDS. Recent drug treatments have enabled many individuals living with AIDS return to work. It is typical for an insurer to require annual proof of continuing disability in order to remain in pay status. I am sure this language is in your LTD policy (if it was an individual policy) or in your summary plan description (if you are receiving your disability under an employer-sponsored group LTD plan).