How long does it take to develop lymphoma


Dr Dezube what is the general time frame from one Maligant cell to develop into an advanced disease such as in NHL STAGE 3/4.And in your experience how high are VL to cause HIV related Lymphoma.I was diagnosised and never had a VL higher than 26000 for One month only after a shingles outbreak then dropped tp 720 then 220 then undectable. T cells have been stable at 240 to 280.I had only just test pos prior and last hiv test was neg 12 months prior.Just trying to be informed and understand this disease that seems to have multiple faces.Thank you.P.S responding to chemo my sed rate was 55 in march now only 5.Completed second cycle out of 6.Makes me sicker than a dog but what can you do but cope?Thanks


I got this question twice today, but it looks like different patients based on VL and CD4 count. My answer's the same.

Lymphoma (as well as Kaposi's sarcoma) can occur at ANY time during the course of HIV infection. There is NO magic CD4 count number, above which one is safe from lymphoma. This is quite different than say PCP pneumonia (which typically occurs when CD4 < 200) or CMV retinitis (which typically occurs when CD4 < 50). Although lymphoma may be more aggressive in patients with low CD4 counts and high viral loads, this is not always the case.I've seen patients with lymphoma despite having a CD4 count of almost 1000. Virtually all patients with AIDS-related lymphoma should be taking highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART). HAART therapy is the best assurance against tumor recurrence. I wish you luck. It sounds like you'll be half done in just a liitle while.