Long Seroconversion symptoms


I have recently tested positive from an exposure about 6 weeks ago. About 4 weeks ago my glands became very swollen very quickly and they don't seem to be letting up. They are so swollen they make me feel as though I need to gag and the glands under my arms and around my groin burn a lot of the time. How long can I expect this to last? My neck is also very stiff and it is uncomfortable to sit upright for too long as the lymph fluid backs up and makes the pain around my head/neck worse. I haven't recieved my first viral load or CD4 count yet. Is it wise to treat this sort of symptomatic seroconversion regardless of the numbers? Or should I wait out the symptoms if the numbers are good? I'm not sure how much longer I can bare these symptoms.


The symptoms of acute HIV infection can last weeks. Treatment is not exactly considered standard fo care but many of us are convinced enough of the potential benefits to recommend treatment for most with early HIV infection. This early treatment is not dictated by viral load or CD4 count. The idea is to treat the virus early before it does lasting damage to the immune system.

Treating your HIV will reduce the amount of virus in your system - virus that your body is combating on the battlefield that is your lymph glands.

Given what you write, I would start HIV therapy yesterday.