How Long Have I Been Positive- Feel Like I am Wasting Away


I have been married for almost two years and over the past month my sweet wife and I both have been extremely tired. Looking back on it she has been getting minor headaches for almost a year and my skin has been tingling for quite some time.

She is an angel with a very modest sexual history. Me not so much. We have been together for 4 years in a monogomous relationship and she was told she was HIV neg 2 years ago after she had to go back into the doctor's office because of an abnormal pap smear.

I am now suffering from nueropothy at night as I wake up and my hands are numb. I am 29 years old and also have signs of oral thrush. Could these be symptoms of stage 2 HIV or do I have full blown aids?

If I was infected at 24-25 and am just now realizing I am positive, what is the average lifespan? Seriously in a dark place here as I realize I have possibly ruined my life and more importantly my wife's. God's greatest gift in my life.



Before worrying about lifespan and HIV/AIDS staging, don't you think it would be an excellent idea to find out if you're even HIV infected? I certainly do. So get tested. If you're HIV positive, I'll address the other issues. OK?

Dr. Bob