How long they live with Viraday?


The patient found CD4 at 8 and viral load at 350,000 started treatment by taking medicine of "Viraday" (Cipla company). By continuing the treatment how long the patient can live? What are the cautions to be taken by the patient?


Viraday is a combination of Viread, Emtriva, and Sustiva, the same components which are in Atripla. This combination agent leads to an undetectable viral load and increases in CD4+ lymphocyte counts in the great majority of patients. AIDS is a chronic, manageable disease for people who have access to potent combination therapy like this. The expectation is that individuals on successful treatment for HIV infection and AIDS will have a normal or near normal lifespan. The precautions for this medication would mainly be for the Sustiva component of this medication which produces neuro-cognitive adverse events more than half of the time, but these effects tend to dissipate after the first several weeks. Viread can produce kidney problems, but not commonly, and usually in patients who already have kidney problems or are on other medications with kidney toxicity.

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