How long does HIV live after exposed to air


Hi, I was wondering how long HIV lives once it is exposed to air? Are there any web-sites and or published articles on this subject, and if so where would I find them.Would it be probable that say a half of a teaspoon's worth be reactive after 30 seconds? An example would be if sperm where on someones hand and 30 seconds later came in contact with anal membranes, would there be a risk? Thanks.


There are at least two places you can look for a partial answer to your question. You're not going to find a specific answer to your teaspoon/30 second question, but there is the possibility that HIV infected semen would remain viable 30 seconds outside of the body.

One place to look is here, at The Body: see "How long does HIV survive outside the body?" ( Another reference for your query can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: see "Survival of HIV in the Environment" (