For how long can an HIV positive patient live???????


Dear Bruce, For how long can an HIV positive person live with proper treatment? Is there anybody who has ever been cured with optional treatment in this world ? God Bless you,



Dear Zat: Many HIV positive patients are long term survivors; they've been infected for two decades and are still going strong with no end in sight. I imagine that they will live out their normal life expectancy. For them and for many others, HIV is a very manageable and chronic disease. What determines whether a patient will be a long term survivor?? it's a combination of so many factors, all of which may be important-- there are viral factors (the strain of the virus, whether or not it has developed resistance to HIV drugs), host factors (the patient's overall health status), social factors (access to good health care, support system), psychological factors (patient's overall attitude, willingness to adhere to drug regiments), and sometimes it's just a matter of luck. I have many patients who just prayed to get to their 30th birthday, and then after they got there, prayed to get to their 40th, and now they they have arrived there, they are hoping to get to their 50th. I imagine that they majority will make it.