how long can you have the clap


my husband cd4 count was 32 & vl was 55,000 so they say you can have hiv for years what about the clap he also had that to he is on atripla and doing much better now but not me please give me answer


Hello and thanks for your post.

It's good to hear that your husband is getting better. As you point out, one can have asymptomatic HIV infection for a long time-- which leads many to become diagnosed positive only after having developed very severe immune deficiency (a rationale for routine testing for anyone with any risk factors).

The "clap" (aka gonorrhea) is different- the vast majority of men (though fewer women) are symptomatic when they have this sexually transmitted infection.

If you're now feeling well, and haven't been evaluated, I'd recommend bringing this to the attention of your healthcare provider.

Be well, BY