how long the baby survive from hiv


i have been diognose with hiv and my son to who is ten years old now how long will he live who survive?


If I understand your question right it sounds like you are saying that both you and your 10 year old son were diagnosed with HIV and you want to know how long both of you could live with this infection.

If I have your question right I would suggest that if you can get connected with an adult and pediatric HIV specialist and get into care you both should have a good chance to live long and healthy lives. Obviously, this is a general comments since I do not know the specifics related to both of your cases. I make my comments based upon the fact that therapies for HIV have gotten so good that many will do well for decades on treatment. The most important thing for you to do is find the specialists you need, meet with them and further expore your options.

Best, Eric