how long is acute in terms of onset symptoms of hiv


I recently had unprotected sex with someone, and although he did not ejaculate in me, i still know that the virus could have been trasmitted. I asked him when the last time he was tested for HIV and he said it had been a few months prior to that night. As soon as i got home, i began to feel sick and got a fever of 103. The day before i had unprotected sex, i had gone running in the cold and my hair was wet but i was wearing a hat. I did some research on the onset symptoms of HIV and acute swelling of the lympnodes, fever, stiff neck, and a sore throat were listed. I was wonderng how long it takes before onset symptoms occured. The web site i checked said they were acute, but exactly how long is "acute" in terms of the onset symptoms to occur.


It is highly unlikely that you would experience symptoms that close to infection. Some research indicates that people develop symptoms approximately 2-4 weeks after infection, though it is feasible that someone could develop symptoms before two weeks have elapsed since infection.

The best way to tell if you have been HIV infected is to get an anitbody test after three months have elapsed since your exposure.