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Can Long-Acting ART Be an Equitable Care Option for Black Women?

Black patient
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    Breona Pittman
    Breona Pittman, Southeastern Transgender Resource Center Courtesy of the subject
    Dr. Vanessa Apea
    Vanessa Apea, MPH, Queen Mary University LondonCourtesy of the subject
    Dr. Stella Safo
    Stella Safo, M.D., Mount Sinai and New York Academy of MedicineCourtesy of the subject
    Kiara St. James
    Kiara St. James, New York Transgender Advocacy GroupCourtesy of the subject
    Dali Adekunle

    Dali Adekunle


    Dali is a health director at the Family Health Centers at NYU Langone Health. She was raised in a Spanish and Portuguese-speaking household, and loves to explore themes of popular depictions of labor and healthcare as it pertains to people of color.