Doc, I'll be quick here.

I am a prostitute fan and I always go to this localized prostitute place in Surabaya, Indonesia (West Java) called DOLLY. It is the largest whoring-place in South East Asia.

Until recently the place was forced to wear condom, otherwise the whores won't want to have sex with you. This is because the local people believe that HIV is spread because there's no condom-wearing.

However, as I am an avid returned, many know me and I can have sex with anyone there WITHOUT a condom on. Also because I know most of the PIMP who owns the whoring places.

I tried on the month of MAY 2011 to have sex there WITHOUT a condom on. Each week I went to get laid at least 2x and no condom on. Not that I tease HIV but because I don't like the feel of rubber on it.

My question is, after 2x sex a week times 4 weeks, which is about 8x in a month... I checked myself into the local clinic and my test result is... guess what... A NEGATIVE!!!

I checked it at the beginning of JUNE.

Does this prove that I am safe? Thanks doc! I am kind of a "brave" man when it comes to sex.

Please do reply me at: my Facebook also because I think this forum needs a long time for feedback.

I am from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Thanks a lot!!!

Love from Surabaya ^^V


Hello, Surabaya.

I wouldn't call your actions "brave;" rather, they are quite reckless. You are essentially playing sexual Russian Roulette.

After eight bouts of unprotected sex you have a single HIV-negative HIV test. This is not yet a cause for celebration. You would need a negative HIV-antibody test three months after your last possible exposure for the test to be considered definitive (six months from the last possible exposure if you had a significant HIV exposure, such as unprotected sex with a partner confirmed to be HIV infected). Fortunately not every HIV exposure leads to transmission/acquisition of the virus.

I urge you to stop your foolhardy behavior immediately. Get HIV tested three months after your last unprotected dance-with-no-pants. Review the information on this site related to safer-sexual practices.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob