Living with it for 10 years


I found out in October 2001 that I was positive while pregnant with my now 9 yr. old. I took meds while caring him in my last two months of pregnancy. Since then my son has been negative thank God. I on the other hand havent really dealt with it I havent taken any meds since he was born, but I did go to the dr. & was told it was undectable. Which I still dont understand (I felt that by Gods grace & mercy I'm negative) I havent since then gone to a dr or taken any meds. Lately though I'm feeling as though I need to go & get tested & see where I'm at; but another part of me is saying that God has healed me & delivered me from it so why see a dr. who would try & medicate me & then in turn I get sick & die?? I'm scared, confused, & havent spoken a word of my health to anyone. My sons father died last September from it due to him never taken care of himself. I on the other hand exercise, eat properly, & stay active. I feel that it helps me out a lot.



I would strongly urge you to see an HIV specialist without further delay. There are several possibilities to explain what has happened:

  1. You could have had a false-positive test during pregnancy and never really had HIV. (This would be unlikely if multiple diagnostic tests were run and if CD4 counts and HIV viral loads were consistent with HIV infection.)

  2. You could be HIV positive but be an "elite controller." This could account for the undetectable quantitative HIV plasma RNA viral load.

  3. I would have to put divine intervention dead last on the list of possibilities from a scientific perspective. However, even if this were somehow true, why would you fear going to a doctor? No one will recommend treatment for an illness that has been cured, right?

If indeed you are HIV infected, it's totally up to you to decide if you want to take antiretroviral therapy. We have considerable experience with the natural history of untreated HIV disease, as we did not have effective treatment for the first 15 years of the epidemic. I can assure you that If I hadn't begun antiretroviral therapy, I would be pushing up daisies at this very moment rather than responding to your question. Don't be frightened or confused. You have a nine-year-old son to care for. Exercise and a good diet are important but are not enough to battle HIV.

Write back with your results after seeing your doctor if you need additional assistance deciding what to do next.

Good luck. I'm here if you need me, OK?

Dr. Bob