Lisa and Maria's Video Blog -- Healthy Eating and Juicing

A Video Blog

This is the first bilingual video from many that my partner, Lisa, and I will start sharing about healthy eating and juicing ... and of course I will share many of my simple beauty secrets. Many people have asked me about some of my health and beauty regimens. I am going to share one of  them  with you here in this video blog (many more to come ).

Please keep in mind that I am not a healthcare provider, so please discuss all complementary therapies with your provider. As I say in the video, this is not a cure of any type ... just different recipes that my partner and Lisa know and were taught by our mothers and  our own research. I will do a series of them and I hope everyone can learn and enjoy the delicious juices that are so so good for our health. I really believe that we are what we eat. Do not forget to take your medicine, too, and if you like, combine these delicious juices made of fruits and vegetables.

I have always been asked how I keep myself looking young and fit and I rarely get sick. Also, many people ask me about my skin and hair ... .so now I will let you in what I do and what I take.

Love and light

Maria Mejia