Lipomas, Keratosis, HIV?


Dr, I am concerned about something. I developed keratosis in my upper arms and legs almost 2 years ago. Now I seem to be appreciating that the lessions of keratosis are "expanding" to my lower arms. In addition, Can a surgeon mistake a lipoma for some other lession? like a swollen lymph node? I've had lipomas removed from my arms and legs twice within the last two years. MY question is, could it be possible that for some coincidence these occurrences might be related with HIV?. I have never been tested and these "things" happened to me after I became sexually active. Thanks.


Keratoses and lipomas are very common conditions. It would be incredibly UNlikely that they are related to HIV. Usually when a surgeon removes anything from a patient, the surgeon sends it to a pathologist to make sure what it is, so it would be unusual for a surgeon to be mistaken. Given your concern about HIV, it would not hurt for you to get tested. It would put your mind at ease in the long run.