Would like a whoo-hoo from Dr. Bob


I am 23 yrs old and have only been intimate with one person in my life and my only risk is unprotected oral sex so far (both ways). We have been dating since August 2008 and were separated for the whole year of 2009.We never had penetrative sex. He has never fully ejaculated in my mouth only a bit of precum. We were together Feb 16 and March 16 of this year. I am not counting from Feb since March was the last time we were intimate. He told me he has not been intimate with anyone since we broke up. Five months later I began experiencing weird symptoms: tingling, burning, prickling sensations in limbs, back and torso. Rashes on vagina and anus and both seem inflamed at times. Pelvic pain with unusual amount of discharge which is odorless. The rashes have gone away but it still burns. I have also had extreme diarrhea that lasted for a couple hours at the most ( which happened on 2 diffferent occassions), dry heaving and difficulty breathing. Dry heaving and difficulty breathing lasted couple days at the most. I was tested for all STDs including HIV 5 1/2 MONTHS (August 31) which is exactly 5 months and 2 weeks after I was last with my boyfriend after our intimate moments. This means I am short of 2 Weeks to mark the 6 month requirement. All came back NEGATIVE including the Rapid HIV. My blood was drawn in a vile and I was given results in 20 mins. If he did have HIV, would I have tested positive since we met in August 2008? He says he was tested shortly after he broke up with his ex.I am worried because he may not have tested within the window period.If this is the case maybe his viral load wasnt high at the time we met, thereby infecting me now? We can not consider the year of 2009 because we were not together. I have been to more than 5 different doctors and no one can diagnose me which scares me. Please help! I would really appreciate it and your words would mean a lot to me. Thank you for help, as I can't stop worrying and crying.



Unprotected oral sex carries only a low risk for HIV transmission/acquisition. Your negative HIV-antibody test at 5.5 months is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted. WOO-HOO!

Your symptoms and the timeframe in which they appeared are not suggestive of or worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). Your concerns about your partner's viral load are unwarranted, because you have a definitive negative HIV test 5.5 months after your last possible exposure.

If you've seen five different doctors and none can find a physical cause for your symptoms, you should be evaluated for psychosomatic illness. Also, if you "can't stop worrying and crying," you may need psychological help with your anxiety and depression related to your (unwarranted) HIV fears.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob