lifespan of patient on viraday


a patient is tested positive in oct 2004 starts treatment of viraday in nov 2007 with good body response. What will be average lifespan of the 29 yr old


Viraday (or Atripla) is a very effective treatment consisting of 3 anti-HIV medications combined. Studies have followed patients taking this combination for more than 3 years.

The good news is that the results of those studies have shown that as long as the patient takes that treatment, the medication continues to work. It does not appear that the effect of the medication wear off with time. It is more that some patients lose adherence to the treatment over time, start missing dosages, thus resulting in treatment failure.

We not longer look at life span for HIV patients doing well on therapy, because for most patients with a controlled HIV disease and back-up treatment options, the likelihood is that they will continue to do well with treatment for as long as they take their medications with good adherence. So keep it up!