Hi Dr, well i am from India as to i hear a lot of confusion over HIV as people talk about say that life ends here is it true any more, in an average a person taking care not drinkin,smoking nor into heavy work load and eating normal good food can he live his full span. As med's are gettin advanced every day do u think soon there will be good meds to clear this from your body. In what average do people live long at present meds may be this answer will help many who fear.

great thanks to u


Thank you for your post.

Yes, we can greatly improve life span now with effective treatments. We can even eliminate the extra risk of dying if we achieve certain goals: especially keeping the HIV viral load undetectable and getting and maintaining the CD4 count above 500. Of course good food and excercise is important, but getting the virus suppressed is critical to long-term success. The big debate now is finding the best time to intervene to ensure the maximum long-term benefit for treatment.