Life Insurance medical exam/Similar symptoms to HIV/AIDS


Hello I have 2 questions:

  1. What happens if an individual has been declined for life insurance due to having the HIV virus or the AIDS virus yet unaware? Does the Life Ins. Co. normally notify the individual (by mail, ph, etc?)and advise specifically why they've been declined for a policy? Does it come in the laboratory results that one would normally get when blood or urine is taken? Or is it simply a letter indicating your policy has been declined? There is a high percentage as I'm sure you know of individuals that are unaware that they have been infected; therefore isn't it the responsibility (besides the responsibility of the individual to get checkups) of the Life Ins. co. to inform whether formal or informal.
  1. From your experience and for my educational purposes what would you say would be the disease that has the closest or similar symptoms to HIV/AIDS which may have been confused at times? (whether in the early stages or ending stages)


Usually when a person is declined coverage, either the insurance company tells him why or advises him how to get more information with respect to why coverage was denied. I do not know what disease has symptoms closest to HIV but it is probably some immune deficiency disease.